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Renew visited really quickly and they fixed our carpet on the spot.

Mrs O'Keefe, Cheshire

Manufacturing Services

Repairs & Cleaning

Drawing on our years of experience in manufacturing and using our directly employed network of inspectors allows us to offer our Fault Remediation and Reporting Service in mainland UK to many of the country’s leading manufacturers.

Through the use of specifically designed work-flows, our inspectors complete a detailed report whilst on site. This allows the manufacturer to make a prompt well informed decision on whether a fault is evident and what is the cause. Each report is supported by multiple photographs that demonstrate the areas in question and allow the manufacturer to determine in their opinion the best possible course of action.

Repairs & Retufting

All our inspectors are equipped with the appropriate equipment and experience in order to aid the resolution of many manufacturing issues should for example a specialist clean, retuft or pile reversal resolution be required.

Cleaning & Stain Removal

Through extensive experience in the insurance claims and manufacturing inspection markets, all our Renew Inspectors have skills and equipment to remove a wide range of spots and stains, with the capability to blend clean areas to resolve problems quickly and cost effectively.

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