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Using soil retardant detergents for a carpet clean that will last!

2 Rooms for only £99

Here at Renew Floor we are proud to offer the highest level of carpet and upholstery cleaning without compromise. However a large percentage of our costs are in travelling to our customers houses, this means that we can offer a superb deal for any customer who has more than one item that they require cleaning. Call us to find out more on 0844 8717982

Our Equipment

Renew use the latest equipment and technology to provide the most thorough cleaning to carpet and upholstery fibres with minimal inconvenience to the customer. 

Warm water if used correctly will always provide the best results to dirty and stained fibres. We use high powered extraction so most of the water injected under pressure comes straight back out, bringing the dirt particles with it. 

Further to this we dress the pile after cleaning to leave it streak free, and lift the pile so air circulation speeds up the drying. 

We also use high speed air movers, which if left running for a short time after the room or chair has been cleaned whilst running through the paper work will further reduce the drying time to a few minutes in most cases.

We Only Use Soil Retardent Detergents

Unlike the service provided by hire of a machine or many less professional carpet cleaning services, we use soil retardant detergents which will not leave a sticky residue after cleaning. Hence the carpet and upholstery will look great and stay looking clean and fresh for much longer. 

Our cleaning is good for allergy sufferers too

Also the high powered extraction removes oil based grit and particles which if left in the base of the fibres, would lead to premature wear and discolouration of your valuable items. This is also most effective at helping to improve the indoor air quality of your home by removing wheeze inducing particles and proteins from the base of fibres. 

Quick Dry

Carpet can be walked on virtually immediately- for high pile and high wool content materials drying may be slightly longer, and we can issue overshoes to walk across the carpet until completely dry. 

We Even Move Your Furniture

We move the standard items of furniture, such as settees, chairs and tables to thoroughly clean underneath then place pads under legs and polystyrene blocs under flat based items to allow air circulation and drying underneath, and preventing wooden or metal based items staining the newly cleaned carpets, and preventing water from migrating up into the furniture which could cause damage to them. We suggest you leave these in place for up to 24 hours for total peace of mind. 

When cleaning upholstery we stack the cushions to allow air circulation and rapid drying. Cushions should be turned periodically over the next few hours to ensure even drying of material. 

Our Costs

Our first room clean rate including VAT and all necessary materials and labour is £95, though for only £99 we can clean 2 rooms which provide much better value as we are already there and set up ready to clean. If you would like a sofa and a carpet cleaning we can also do this for £99. If you have more carpets or upholstery that needs cleaning, please call for a quotation

We are fully insured

Our work is fully insured and all our Inspectors are fully equipped and trained to complete the work to your satisfaction. We provide a full UK cover and all our Renew Technicians are directly employed- ensuring a uniform high level of service to all the main towns and cities in mainland UK. All our staff attend in fully liveried vehicles, uniforms and ID for your reassurance.

To find out more please call us on 0844 8717982

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