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I could not believe how quickly my cleaned upholstery was dry.

Mrs Harris, Leyland


A complete Service

A professionally cleaned carpet will last much longer, as well as helping to keep your home looking clean and fresh. Many people don’t realise that a program of professional in depth cleaning will also improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Carpet Cleaning

We use the most powerful portable extraction machines to remove soil and moisture leaving carpet fibres clean with minimal drying times. Unlike many competitors we do not use soapy detergents in any of our processes- so no rapid resoiling

Upholstery Cleaning

Our skilled technicians have training and experience to clean all manner of fabric upholstery. We use safe solutions in combination with our equipment to maximise cleaning efficiency without weakening or damaging delicate materials. Our high speed drying leaves items touch dry within a few hours.

Rug Cleaning

Coupled with our powerful machines and rapid drying process, we incorporate dye safe solutions to provide the best possible results to your rugs without risk of weakening the fibres or leaving sticky residues which resoil rapidly. The optical brighteners in our solutions can return rich colours and patterns to rugs at nominal cost.

Leather Cleaning

Whilst leather is a practical material compared with many fabrics, it still needs maintenance and care. All our Renew Inspectors can carry out a full leather cleaning service using a range of solutions from mild to in ground levels of soiling and staining with great results. We incorporate the cleaning process with a highly concentrated nourishing cream which adds life to the hide by protecting the surface, helping it to look great for longer.

Protective Treatments

Renew Protector can be applied by our technicians to new or recently cleaned carpets and fabric upholstery to keep them looking great for much longer. Unlike many products on the market it provides high levels of oil resisting as well as water retarding qualities to help protect against even the most serious spills and stains.

It does not contain any strong smelling solvents and is dry in a few minutes, providing maximum protection with minimal inconvenience.

Repairs stain / odour removal

Many fabrics and fibres can be subject to accidental damage. Renew manage many thousands of insurance claims every year and are very experienced and trained to rectify all manner of problems. Our solutions and equipment, coupled with such high levels of experience maximise our chances or resolving problems caused by everyday accidents. This includes patch and repairs to carpets as well as specialist stain and odour removal services.

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